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Adopt a Family In Need

To Our Friends and Family at Charity Cars for Kids,

You have brought the spirit of the Holidays back into our home. The packaging company my husband, Michael and I worked for had to close shop suddenly and we were not sure where our next meal was going to come from. It broke our hearts to tell our two boys that Santa would not be coming this year.

The visit from Santa, the Christmas dinner and beautifully wrapped presents you organized for us made us feel so special and loved! Mike and I had tears in our eyes to see Marky so delighted with his new school uniform, socks and books. Jimmy could not stop showing off his winter boots and toy cars. 

Thank you for adopting us. It means a lot to have people like you who care for families like ours.

Happy Holidays from our (happy) home to yours,
Cynthia Smith.

The Adopt a Family In Need program run by Charity Cars For Kids, connects caring individuals like you with economically disadvantaged families like the Smiths. 

Adopt a child for ChristmasThe Holidays can be especially hard on low-income families that are unable to stretch their meager resources to cover all their basic needs. We provide non-identifying information on the family, i.e., age, gender and clothing size of the children and their caretakers, whether a parent(s) or guardian. You can become their Secret Santa! Donate your car to help multiple families or sign up to receive a wish list that needs to be filled.

How much you provide is really up to you. The equation is really simple, the more you can share, the more you will receive in blessings, prayers of gratitude and satisfaction! You may include gifts for the parents and children and or just the kids. Gift certificates to grocery/home stores are great for multiple items – food, clothing, toys, etc.

Last year donors like you helped more than 75 families celebrate Christmas. We arranged for Santa to deliver new wrapped gifts based on the families’ "wish lists" along with a complete Christmas dinner. The families were overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness. Our goal this season is to distribute "wish list" gifts and Christmas dinners to at least 100 Bay Area families in need. You contributions can help ignite the true Holiday Spirit of love and sharing! Let’s begin today!

Extending special care for homeless families and those that were not fortunate enough to be adopted for the holiday season, is another way that you can help. Help fill Santa’s Cupboard - an area complete with new gift items, new toys, non-perishable holiday food items, etc. A complete wrapping station so these folks can box and wrap up gifts for their loved-ones, complete with ribbons, bows and gift tags. Everyone deserves to celebrate Christmas in true holiday spirit and good cheer!

If you would like to sponsor a family-in-need, please complete a Become a Sponsor form. If you would like to support our community by being a volunteer during the holiday season, please contact us

Call 408-748-0081 or 888-414-2088 for vehicle pick-ups in our local California Bay Area location and complete a Vehicle Donation form, either printable or online.